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Full Moon Women’s Gathering 

Movement | Sound Healing | Tea Ritual | Fire Ceremony | Circle Share

November 18th, 2021

Align, Manifest, and Illuminate Your Soul!

Feeling out of sync?

Dull and down as we move into these darker days?

Felling the pressure and stress build as we approach the holiday season?

You are invited

The moon is a powerful force in our life and has many healing and energetic properties that we can tap into. When we learn to align our rhythms with the cycles of the moon, it allows one to expand their capacity for abundance, health, happiness, joy, and vitality. The Moon is our astrological home, and it relates to our moods and our gut feelings. If you don’t know what your lunar sign is, find out by checking any astrology website! We LOVE Cafeastrology.

What to expect

Full Moon Gathering: About

This full moon is passing through the grounding sign of Taurus. Illuminating all we wish to manifest and the life we want to build for ourselves. During this event we will be moving our bodies, completing rituals and opening our hearts to channel the lunar energy. The energy that will allow us to release what no longer serves us and reach our highest self.  This event will be held outside. 


This workshop includes

* Tea Ritual

* Sound healing 

* Guided Meditation


*Circle Share

Location: Private Residence, Colorado Springs 80907

Price- $35.00

(Location will be annouced upon registration)

Full Moon Gathering: About
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