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Falling Leaves


Dear sisters, mama's, aunts, daughters, cousins, friends, entrepreneurs, mompreneurs, stay at home moms, single moms, animal loving moms, career women, people pleasers, care-takers, healers, and  over-givers,

The  Divine Feminine with in,  see's and honors the Divine Feminine in you. 


You are Invited, to plant your seeds of intentions, establish the grounding and self care practices necessary to root down into your purpose and passions, so you can grow into your fullest expression this season. 

Mountainous Landscape

MoutainBliss Women's
Spring Retreat


A cherished aspiration, ambition, or ideal 


Believe in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength that lies within


When people blossom, they become more confident, successful and stronger. 

Colorful Flowers

Plant Your Seeds 
& Grow the 
Garden of your Dreams

There is always opportunity for new growth.

Are you ready to be refreshed and renewed this spring? 

Are you feeling lost or untethered, like your about to just float away?

Feeling like you need to get away but be "home"?

Are you just going through the motions of everyday life and need to check out to check in with yourself? 

Are you looking for deep connection to empowering women who will fuel your flame?

Are you craving sisterhood? We invite you into our homes and our hearts. 

Leave your winter blues behind, and get ready to experience connection, healing, and vitality at Mountain Bliss Spring Retreat. 

This Women's only retreat in Buena Vista, CO will help you plant new seeds of intention so you can blossom into your fullest potential. 

Together in sisterhood and honing in on our divine feminine Shakti Goddess within we will come together in community, love, and support.

Through yoga, movement, outdoor activities, and freshly prepared nourishing foods, we will tend to our inner garden and meet ourselves exactly where we are. We will shed a layer or 2, or 3 to experience a deeper connection with our true nature.  You are welcomed to step into a fuller expression of who you are meant to be.

Enjoying Outdoor

What to expect 

Enjoy 2 nights and 3 days at a beautiful Ranch in Buena Vista. 

You will be lodging at Vista Court Cabins approx. 7 min away from the Ranch. 

All meals are included

Enjoy daily movement & Yoga, women's circles, and specialty classes,

On your down time we invite you to explore the ranch, check out the local hot springs*, or book a massage* to enhance your experience.

*additional cost  

Image by Lee Myungseong

Nourishing Food

We are excited to bring you incredibly healthy, nourishing, and delicious food at Mountain Bliss. This year, we have partnered with Jocelyn from SoulSmile Health & Wellness to cater our Spring Retreat. She is a Healthy Lifestyle Chef and can accommodate any dietary restrictions. We will be providing seasonal and high quality food at every meal. 

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double cabin.jpg



Tripple Cabin.jpg



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"What a special weekend with an exceptional group of women in an amazingly beautiful place. 

—Kristy C, Teacher 

"The Mountain Bliss retreat was the perfect way to fill my soul with women supporting women, meditation, thoughtful workshps and many different types of yoga. I'll definitely be back 

----Bobbi U, Mompreneur 


"I have never felt more rejuvenated and refreshed thank after the Mountain Bliss yoga retreat. It was truly life-changing to get out in nature, leave the chaos of life behind and take in the atmosphere of the mountains with a group of amazing women. The food was incredile, the scenery was epic and I will never miss an opportunity to come to another one!

— Allison  M, Stay at home mom


About Us


We are excited to announce and share with you all Mountain Bliss retreats and events centered around transformative healing practices. We guide those who attend all our events back into their hearts and bodies so they can live the fullest expression of who they are. Our health and wellness journey uniquely weaves together yoga, meditation, sound healing, massage therapy, and spiritual practices to fill your soul up with more self love, purpose, and passion. We bring a fun and warm energy to each of our experiences and we invite you and welcome you into our “kula” and into our hearts

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