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Fall Retreat

September 14-17, 2023

Dear sisters, mama's, aunts, daughters, cousins, friends, entrepreneurs, mompreneurs, stay at home moms, single moms, animal loving moms, career women, people pleasers, care-takers, healers, and  over-givers,

The  Divine Feminine within,  see's and honors the Divine Feminine in you. 

You are invited and encouraged to tune out so you can tune in!

Escape your overstimulated life for a moment, turn off the social media and connect with yourself, mother nature and like-minded women.

Give yourself a gift to reset and join us at Mountain Bliss Women's Retreat on a magical and beautiful private family ranch to rest, reset, and connect.

Together in sisterhood and honing in on our divine feminine Shakti Goddess within we will come together in community, love, and support.

Through yoga, movement, outdoor activities, and freshly prepared nourishing foods, you will tend to your inner needs and meet yourself exactly where you are. You will shed a layer or 2, or 3 to experience a deeper connection with your true nature so you are able to step into a fuller expression of who you are meant to be.

Mountain Bliss HOrse barn.jpg

Tune into the rhythms of the Season  


In fall, the Air element is dominant. It is the Vata time of year. The air is starting to become dry, cool, and moving all around. As these qualities increase during the fall  and winter seasons in nature, they also increase in our individual nature as well. Fall and early winter remind us of impermanence and death. The season is wind, emptying, rough, and dry. If we are listening, we may feel our mind and body undergoing a shift toward a more inward focus. How you care for yourself during the fall season will determine your body's ability to maintain health through winter.

Enjoying Outdoor

What to expect 

Enjoy 3 nights and 4 days at a beautiful Private Family Ranch in Buena Vista. 

Choose your lodging option at Vista Court Cabins approx. 7 min away from the Ranch.

All meals are included and prepared by an experienced chef.

Enjoy daily movement & yoga, women's circles, and specialty classes during the retreat.  

We will be exploring the local hot springs as a group to sink deeper into rest and relaxation. 

Included in your weekend, each of you will be scheduled a sixty minute massage. 

The ranch is an incredible piece of property located in the beautiful Rocky Mountains. There is no better way to see this land than by horseback. As a special treat, we will be taking you all on a trail ride to see this land from a different perspective. 

Image by Lee Myungseong

Nourishing Food

We are excited to bring you incredibly healthy, nourishing, and delicious food at Mountain Bliss.

Our personal chef, Jess, has years of experiences in the culinary field. With a passion for the outdoors, yoga and creating fresh, thought out meals, Jess will bring a menu that will surely leave you satisfied. 

Jess chef will be providing seasonal and high quality food at every meal. 

It is important to us that you nourish yourself and bring online the sacred practice of eating.


 Our chef has experience working with many dietary restrictions.  Please let us know ahead of time so we can accommodate your needs.

About your lodging options

We are happy to have lodge rooms and cabins booked at Vista Court Cabins in Buena Vista. The lodging is a short, seven minute drive to the ranch. We have three options for you to chose from. For those of you looking for a private place to rest at the end of each day, we recommend grabbing a private lodge room. We will also have a cabin with two private rooms, this is ideal for a those wanting to bring someone along to have a shared experience. Lastly, we have one community cabin. The community cabin is good for a larger group wanting to share the whole space or will be rented individually.
*If you are interested in renting out either one of the shared cabins, we can assist you. Please reach out and we can help you pick the best option for you and your group.

lodge vista court cabins.jpg

Private Lodge Room

double cabin.jpg

Private in Shared Cabin 

Tripple Cabin.jpg

Shared Room in shared cabin


"What a special weekend with an exceptional group of women in an amazingly beautiful place. 

—Kristy C, Teacher 

"The Mountain Bliss retreat was the perfect way to fill my soul with women supporting women, meditation, thoughtful workshps and many different types of yoga. I'll definitely be back 

----Bobbi U, Mompreneur 


"I have never felt more rejuvenated and refreshed thank after the Mountain Bliss yoga retreat. It was truly life-changing to get out in nature, leave the chaos of life behind and take in the atmosphere of the mountains with a group of amazing women. The food was incredile, the scenery was epic and I will never miss an opportunity to come to another one!

— Alison  M, Stay at home mom


About Us


We are excited to announce and share with you all Mountain Bliss retreats and events centered around transformative healing practices. We guide those who attend all our events back into their hearts and bodies so they can live the fullest expression of who they are. Our health and wellness journey uniquely weaves together yoga, meditation, sound healing, massage therapy, and spiritual practices to fill your soul up with more self love, purpose, and passion. We bring a fun and warm energy to each of our experiences and we invite you and welcome you into our “kula” and into our hearts


We are here to answer any questions you may have about the experience or lodging. We would love to schedule a time to get in touch and we can go over any questions you may have. Please click the link below to contact us. 

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