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The Passion Behind the Business

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Lissa Lenz is a transformative yoga and movement guide in Colorado Springs, Colorado. She supports people who feel stiff or stuck in their bodies, minds, and lives by creating a safe and accessible space for them to shift out of their heads, become tuned into their bodies, to ultimately feel more alive, inspired, and revitalized! She has acquired immense training in movement, dance, anatomy, alignment, and yoga. She guides transformative yoga classes that leads students through Asana (posture) and Pranayama (breath) with ease and playfulness. She brings a warm and fun energy to each yoga experience and is passionate about sharing her offerings with her students! 


Sherri Lee is a massage therapist with over thirteen years experience. She has taken great pride in her work and strives to keep learning and growing to provide the best treatment for her clients. Sherri has recently made a shift within her career and has began to focus on different forms of therapy that her clients may benefit from. More recently she has found sound healing as a way to tune in and drop out. A way to focus and realign. Sherri understands the uniqueness of everyone's needs and believes in offering a range of therapies to help a client find their zen.


Rian Gufarotti is a Holistic Health & Wellness coach, yoga teacher, massage therapist, and spiritual guide. She is passionate about guiding people towards their own unique healing abilities by tapping into their inner wisdom and self love. She specializes in private coaching and healing sessions and utilizes the ancient technologies of Kundalini yoga and various styles of movement practices, feminine form Ayurveda, Massage Therapy, Energy & Sound Healing, and the power of plant medicine. Allow Rian to be your guide towards self care and self love so you can live your life with more purpose, passion and pleasure. 


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